Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why sling?

Why do we like using slings and baby wearing?

Well, our babies really like it for a start. We’ve found that carrying them around in a sling means they suffer a lot less from wind and are generally very content. They like being at adult height where they can interact with peoples faces as opposed to their knees! Buttercup was never a big fan of the buggy so we’d always pack a sling for when she got restless on a day out and now that she’s walking it’s handy for when those little legs get tired.

And there is the convenience of it. Slings are so much less cumbersome than buggies or prams and leave your hands free for playing with older offspring, pushing shopping trolleys or preparing dinner. We always keep a sling in the car for popping into the shops or petrol stations, so much more comfortable than trying to balance baby on your hip while locating wallet and carrying shopping.

I’m working on a guide to sling types which I’ll post soon……….

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