Thursday, June 4, 2009

Using cloth nappies

Our experience is of using onesize pocket nappies. We bought 12 before Buttercup was born, a nappy bucket with a sealing lid, a mesh bag for the bucket and a roll of paper liners to use inside the nappies to catch the poo, so it could be flushed down the loo. We used compostable disposables for hospital and the first week or so and then switched to cloth nappies.
We soon purchased some more nappies, and a second bucket, and found 24 a good number, meaning we only had to put on a wash on every third day and it was a full wash.
Storing and cleaning the nappies isn’t as icky as people imagine. Using the paper liners means that all the solids can be flushed, then the nappy is stored in the mesh bag in the dry sealed bucket (add a little tea tree oil or lavender to the bucket if you wish) until wash time. Believe me this smells a lot less than a bin of disposables full of poo!
To wash, just lift out the mesh bag and bung bag and all into the washing machine. Follow the washing instructions on the nappy but usually 60deg with a tiny bit of washing powder (and maybe some tea tree) does the job.
We dry our nappies on a clothes horse and they’re dry in a day. We do usually put a few in the hot press too for more immediate use.
Buttercup is now 15 months and the only further purchases we made were four extra inserts (the absorbent cores or boosters) as we double up on inserts at night now. She’s also using the potty a lot now so we only need to purchase a few extra for number 2, and if we’d planned it better we could have just passed them on, as the ones we have are still in very good condition.

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