Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sling types

The tinygreenfamily have something of a sling habit. We are at 5 slings and counting, but then again, we don’t really use buggies.

The types we’ve used are:

Wrap sling. A stretchy wrap is our newest purchase. We’ve found it very simple to use straight away and our Primrose has been snug as a bug in it from 3 days old, leaving mama hands free to chase 15 month old Buttercup. We’re just beginning to experiment with breastfeeding in it but with the purchase of a breastfeeding top or two it should be no bother.

Photo of Moby wrap

Ring sling. We have two of these (one in outrageous pink) and have used them since Buttercup was 3 months old. This was our first sling (and our first baby) so it did take us a little while for us to get the hang of this but it was well worth it. I carried Buttercup comfortably in this up to eight months pregnant (she was 14 months at the time) and will use it for her again now that her sister has arrived. We are also using it easily for Primrose at only days old. This sling is really versatile and great for breastfeeding.

Photo of Zolowear Ring sling

Mei Tai (or Asian Back Carrier). This is another great versatile sling that we’ve found simple to use straight from the package. We purchased this whne Buttercup was about 6 months old. Dada uses this to carry Buttercup on his back for our expeditions and I use it front carry when out and about.

Photo of Freehand Mei Tai

Structured carrier. These carriers with buckles and clips are a favourite of the Dada’s. They come in many shapes, sizes and price ranges. This is the first sling type we used before becoming total sling addicts and we got great use from it for the first six months. They are usually easy to use and are often sized for different age babies
Photo of Scootababy sling

Another type which hasn’t formed part of our collection (yet) is:

Pouch sling. Similar to the ring sling but with no adjusting. They are sized to the wearer and straightforward to use.

Photo of Peanutshell sling

For more information on baby wearing and to source sling suppliers see www.tinygreenpeople.com/adventurers

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  1. I can vouch for the pouch sling - we got great use out of it for the first 8 months or so. Super easy to use, my little one liked it most when she could sit in the hip carry position