Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten the time to compose a thought much less a blog post. It’s been a while since I’ve slept properly..........but hey, life is good.

So, here’s the update on Buttercup since my last post. Well we went to the allergy paediatrician and he listened to us, questioned us, looked Buttercup over and agreed she seemed to be milk protein intolerant (but thriving otherwise) and suggested that we just keep going as we are and she would probably grow out of it sometime before her third birthday. Oh, and he also suggested that I put her on a special hypoallergenic infant formula as really there was no benefit to her in me still breastfeeding. WTF? This is the head of Paediatrics at our local hospital ! Anyhoo, I quoted a bit of WHO at him and emphasised while that may be his opinion it was not one I was willing to accept. That’s a letter I still have to write. Deep breath and...

Where was I?
Oh, yes
So we’ve since discovered that she is also soy intolerant, which is very common with milk protein intolerance and I think we have eventually managed to get all the hidden soy out of our diets ( as of a month ago) . I wish I had found this document earlier.

So we rolled straight from getting her diet sorted, at last, to both girls teething molars

And while all this was going on we’ve been settling into our new village life, Primrose has turned two and is no longer in nappies during the day, Buttercup has turned one and is running about the place and all four off us are sharing a bed now. We bake all of our own bread and are a soy free, dairy free and low sugar household. More of all that anon.

XX Mama

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  1. Argh! How did I miss this post! I cannot BELIEVE that he told you there is no benefit to breastfeeding... Medical professionals in this country are hugely misinformed about breastfeeding. I had a doctor in the NMH try to convince me to give my newbie formula... never have I been so angry in my life.

    Anyways glad for the update on Primrose and Buttercup. Sounds like you all are doing well!