Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting out there

Sometimes being a stay at home mum requires you to get off your butt and get out and meet new people.

Yesterday I found myself pushing open an unmarked door in our local shopping centre and entering a room full of mums and babies. Mums and babies I didn’t know (deep breath, smile, they’re all here to meet people). It was a gathering held by Cuidiú, the Irish Childbirth Trust, to celebrate National Breastfeeding Week.
I was nervous to say the least; I could only hope I wouldn’t come across as a total weirdo! Then I spotted another mum with a sling and she looked familiar. I recognised her from her profile picture on a Babywearing forum (sounds a bit stalkerish, I know). I tentatively approached, and not knowing her real name asked, ‘Are you Mrs. t?’
‘Yes,' she replied, smiling.
‘I’m tinygreenmama.’
'Oh, hi.'
So superhero identities confirmed we exchanged real names and chatted about babies and slings and she introduced me to all the other babywearers.
Then it was time to change Primrose's nappy, so I found a quiet corner near the door amongst the buggies and bags. Midway through the process another mum came over.
‘Oh, you use cloth too!’
And I then spent a happy 15 minutes nerding out on nappy talk.
By the time I had to leave to collect Buttercup from her play date with granny I had organised for us to join the Cuidiú group for family swimming sessions.

I’m so glad I braved it yesterday. It can be quite an isolated existence as a stay at home mum in this society and getting out and making connections feels good. We are social creatures and need to share experiences and learn from others. Us mums can be such a great support to each other when we get together. It’s getting through the initial nervous introductions and overcoming the fear of rejection that’s the tough bit.

Thank you Ciudiú, Mrs T, the babywearers, fellow nappy nerd mum and all of you who helped this tinygreenmama feel welcome.

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