Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 reasons to baby wear

Here are ten great reasons to wear your baby in a sling:

  1. Happy campers. Tiny people that are carried cry less, they love the comfort and security of being snuggled next to mummy or daddy.

  2. Seeing eye to eye. Being carried enables tiny people to observe and interact with older people at eye level, as opposed to knee level.

  3. Taking it all in. Tiny people that are carried spend a lot of time being passively alert and absorbing what’s going on around them.

  4. Sleepy heads. Wearing your tiny person is a great way of helping them to sleep. You can either carry your sleeping tot around with you or place her down after she’s dozed off.

  5. Hands free kit. By wearing your tiny one, you are hands-free to play with older siblings, cook the dinner, do the shopping, whatever…………

  6. Baby love. Who doesn’t need more hugs? The comfort factor for parents is not to be underestimated. There is nothing quite like having your little person right there snuggled up to you.

  7. Off-road adventuring. A sling is the ultimate off- road travel system. With a sling and a backpack you can go where no buggy has been before!

  8. Cheap and cheerful. Slings can be bought reasonably cheaply both new and second hand or you can even make your own.

  9. Are we nearly there? Even when your tiny one is not so tiny anymore a sling is great for when little legs get tired.

  10. Handy as a small pot. A sling is not much bigger that a shopping bag and so can be popped into your changing bag, coat pocket, glove box or buggy bag for when you need it.

Check out tinygreenpeople for sling patterns, baby wearing information and a list of sling suppliers.

Happy Baby Wearing Week

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  1. I love this!! I must send a link on to people to read it as people often ask me "why babywear?"