Sunday, September 6, 2009

No more stuff: a month in.

Well we’re a month into the challenge and getting used to life with less stuff. As we’re not buying any stuff we spend very little time in shops and shopping centres. We spend one day a week at the farmers market, getting everything else delivered and, in general, seem to have much more family time. Impulse buying is gone from our lives and all our purchases are now thought out, planned and budgeted for (mostly).

I will admit there are times when I find the rules I’ve set myself a little tough. This week I bought a bag of second hand clothes for Buttercup, who has just gone through another growth spurt. I did spend a little more money than intended (bad mama), but got some nice clothes for her to wear for a few upcoming family parties and for Christmas.
I’ll make the money back, I thought, there’s a car boot sale at the weekend. So we spent three days gathering together stuff from the attic, boxing and pricing it. Then, enter Irish weather. The car boot sale had to be called off due to torrential rain and howling winds – disappointing but understandable (the decision not the weather). So we’ll be eagerly waiting for the next fine car boot sale weekend.

In the meantime, it’s out with the camera and back to advertising online. I’m going to be playing with eBay this week.
Here are some tips for selling with ebay.
Here are some tips for buying in online auctions.

I know you have all been waiting excitedly for an update on the great vegetable peeler hunt! Well, success. A friend of tinygreenpeople who is due her first baby shortly has offered to swap a vegetable peeler for some newborn vests and babygrows. A cunning plan methinks as my poor fingers are in bits from the one I’m using and sure I was just going to give them the vests anyway.

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