Saturday, November 7, 2009

Want a babywearing wrap?

We are continuing to spread tinygreenhappiness in the run up to Christmas.

This week we’re giving you the chance to get a fab Moby Wrap (in your choice of colour) from

Here’s a brief spec:

* 100% breathable, all-natural cotton.
* One size versatily-5.5 meters in length.
* No buckles, snaps or zippers.
* Triple-wrapped design ensures a safe, ergonomic hold.

This is one of the tinygreenfamilies favourite slings. It gets the vote of all the four month olds in this house!

So just tell us why you’d like the wrap. Leave your entry as a comment on the blog, the Facebook page, email to or tweet to @tinygreenpeople (ROI and NI entries only and before 14th Nov).


  1. I'd like to be considered as I think it would be great for my friend's little son, who does not like to be put down much and his poor mummy is exhausted from carrying and bouncing him in her arms...and who knows, maybe I will get use from it down the road too....

  2. Oh, I'd love this. Like to wear my beautiful boy but struggling with the sling I have, just not comfy. Give me this sling so I can clean my house and mother my children properly ;D
    Love the site, hbb

  3. My first little person is due just after Christmas. Myself and PapaBear agree that carrying Bubbah will be brilliant for all of us - especially when it comes to shopping and nagivating flights of stairs to the nest! Not to meantion the snuggle factor :) I'll be teaching dance again next year and love the idea of the little one dancing along with me just like its done during the pregnancy... xx

  4. Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway through Facebook, Blogspot and by email.

    The winner of our fab Moby wrap giveaway, thanks to, is 'corkmum' who entered through

    Congratulations, the sling will be winging it’s way to you shortly.

    More goodies coming next week.........