Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello again, goodbye and congratulations

This is just a brief post, you’ll see why.

After 5 days of utter frustration the site is back up and running (kind of). Our hosting company apparently had major problems. Anyhoo, I’m not going to get stressed about it anymore. There is more important stuff going on.

The tinygreenfamily are on the move. Yes we are departing suburbia this week and heading westward. Our new home is close to the beach, a forest and a small but perfectly formed village. More details anon…

If we ever manage to move there, that is.My tiny helpers haven’t grasped the whole packing thing properly and seem to be trying to take stuff out of boxes as quickly as I can put it in. But on the plus side we’re finding new homes for loads of stuff, a real grand finale to the No More Stuff Challenge. Which I will reflect on and compose a thought provoking and witty post later.

So this tinygreenmama doesn’t have much time for posting at the moment and may be without broadband for a few weeks. But I’ll be popping by the tiny green village regularly and will update you all on our great adventure when family commitments permit.

In the meantime congratulations to Tanou who has a won a pair of Bobux thanks to

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  1. hello i meant to do a comment for long time very sorry

    i received the bobbux while i was in france. They are gorgeous, they are a big big so elsa will wait a little bit before to wear them but thanks a lot again